Free search of information in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Public Formations (search in the USR)

Search criteria:

Search by EDRPOU code or by name of legal entity.

Search by information about the founder of a legal entity.

Search by information about the head of a legal entity.

Rules of the search:

  • the data in the USR is stored in Ukrainian language, please consider this when composing the request;
  • the length of the search query should not be more than 100 characters, and search by the EDRPOU code - exactly 8 digits;
  • the first 100 results will be displayed based on the search results;
  • in order to protect the search engine, before each search it is necessary to confirm in the reCAPTCHA system that the search is carried out by a person;
  • the number of pages opening from each IP address for a certain period of time and the maximum number of search results is limited, which is due to the prevention of database overloading by requests.